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Dr. Ignatius Piazza January 16, 2010

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Let’s take a look at the man who has the great vision and dream to provide the highest class gun training and shooting practices to ordinary citizens so they can protect themselves and their families. It all began one day when his home became a target of a random drive-by shooting and he was not able to use his firearms effectively. This drove him to spend all of his time mastering weaponry so that he could safely and effectively defend himself.  After years of practice he was finally satisfied. He was the second person in the world to earn the Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate. To this day only six have earned this extremely difficult certificate. Through his training he realized it was hard for an ordinary citizen to find good affordable training.  He also realized the need for everyone to have such training. This led to the idea of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in California. Ignatius Piazza has invested more than 10 years of his life and a lot of money towards this dream. The institute has different courses available for everyone from the newbie to the advanced shooter. These courses have been well prepared and refined throughout the entire time in order to provide the best training possible. He is currently building one of the world’s greatest training facilities near Las Vegas, Nevada spread across 550 acres.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, he was the first person to suggest how to overcome this kind of attack in the future. He suggested that all airplane pilots should have arms and know how to use them proficiently. He also promised to give free trainings for the airplane pilots under the campaign named Arm Our Pilots Campaign. But he was discouraged by the politics and had to drop out.

He started a project named Helping Those Who Help Others which focuses on contributing to the well known charities with a good track record. It includes a lot of charities ranging various categories from children, health, women, military etc. He also created a documentary video titled “Innocents Betrayed” with the purpose of showing to the world that gun control has been extensively used; only to disarm people for the government sponsored genocide purposes. He also created and produced Front Sight Challenge, a reality TV series which is broadcasted on Versus Network. Actor Mark Wahlberg was trained through Front Sight under him for the movie Shooter which was released in 2007. He was dubbed as Millionaire Patriot for investing millions of money in firearms handling and shooting training to help the citizens of the country protect themselves.

Piazza was also very much interested in providing firearms training to school teachers and students. He made an announcement in 1999 that firearms training would be given free to three teachers or administrators at any school in the United States. Later in 2007, he made another announcement that firearms training would be given free to any teacher or staff member who is titled school safety monitor.



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