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Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight January 16, 2010

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Ignatius Piazza & Front Sight

You might be asking “who is Ignatius Piazza?” He is none other than the man who started the well known Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Let me describe a little bit about his life and his training facility in detail.

Ignatius Piazza was born in Pleasanton, California in 1960. He completed his primary school education at Livermore High School, and was a very good athlete during those days. After completing his studies, he went on to become a doctor in the field of Chiropractic. During the course of one normal day, his home became the innocent target of a random drive-by shooting. Fortunately he escaped with little injury, but it changed the way he felt about his personal security.  Dr. Piazza always owned firearms, but they were of little use that day because of lack of training. This was the turning point in his life; he decided to truly learn how to use the firearms to their fullest potential to defend him. He spent day after day studying about gun training and practicing shooting. Soon he became an expert in handling the firearms; however he was still not satisfied. He wanted to be the best in the business. This drove him keep working tirelessly; until he was awarded the highly desirable but rarely earned Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate. He was the second man in the world’s history to receive this prestigious award and so far only six people total throughout the world have won this award. This shows the uniqueness of the award, and the greatness of this man.

After accomplishing the mission he set out years before to complete.  He decided that everyone should learn what he had learned, and he started teaching others with his expertise. This eventually led to the formation of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in 1996. It was started with a two days defensive course for 10 students and its purpose was to train them with the finest firearms in a very safe and responsible way so that they could learn with freedom and comfort. The results of the trainings were impressive and soon the institute became very popular. These are a few of the reasons why his institute is considered the best gun training schools in the world. In addition to the concrete training curriculum, personalized training is also given to each and every student which one cannot find in most other institutes. One can definitely trust Ignatius Piazza and his Front Sight to learn everything about gun shooting, from holding the gun to the amount of pressure to put on the trigger. Dry practices will be given to learn to shoot more accurately. The training curriculum at front sight is the best in the business using many unique things to Front Sight, like the targets Ignatius Piazza patented. All training is given in a friendly manner, not with drill instructor attitudes.

Currently the institute trains a larger number of students each year than any other shooting school in the country. They amazing facilities are near Las Vegas, Nevada. They are spread across 550 acres and with room to expand the institute further if needed to provide the best training  possible.